Boerne Volunteer Fire Department

If you need us - dial 911

Why Donate

Boerne Fire Department is committed to protecting and serving our community in times of emergency. Our team of highly trained firefighters and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our families, homes, properties, and businesses. However, we cannot do this alone. Your support through donations is crucial to our ability to provide the best service possible.

Community support enables us to effectively carry out our mission:

The Boerne Fire Department is committed to ensuring that our citizen’s safety is our number one priority, by promoting a standard of excellence within our organization while providing trained and knowledgeable emergency personnel who are appropriately equipped to preserve life, protect property and our community.

Why donate to our local fire department?

  1. Supporting community safety: Your donation allows us to purchase and maintain state-of-the-art equipment, apparatus, and other tools necessary to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively. Your support directly impacts our ability to keep our community safe.


  1. Training and education: Our firefighters undergo rigorous hands-on and classroom-based trainings to ensure they are equipped to handle any situation that arises. Donations help us provide ongoing training and education to our firefighters, ensuring that we are on the cutting edge of techniques and equipment.


  1. Volunteer support: Boerne Fire Department relies on the support of volunteers to keep our community safe. Donations help us provide the necessary resources and training to our volunteers, ensuring that they can support our firefighters in times of need.


  1. Community outreach: We are committed to educating our community about fire safety and prevention. Your donations help us create and distribute educational materials, host community events, and provide outreach to schools and other community organizations.


  1. Rapid response: When an emergency strikes, every second counts. Your donations enable us to purchase the necessary resources to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies, minimizing damage and saving lives.


Resources used today provided by donations:


  1. Tender 49
  2. Swiftwater rescue boat
  3. Brush 44
  4. Structural and wildland PPE
  5. Thermal imaging cameras
  6. Radios
  7. TEEX hands-on training
  8. FDIC International conference tickets


We thank you for your generosity and commitment to our community’s safety. Donate today to help us continue to serve and protect our community.