Boerne Volunteer Fire Department

If you need us - dial 911

How can you help?

Volunteer: If you have the time and willingness to help, consider joining the Boerne Volunteer Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter. Volunteer firefighters play an essential role in responding to emergencies and protecting their communities.


Donate: Volunteer fire departments often rely on donations from the community to fund their operations. Consider making a financial contribution to support your local department.


Attend fundraisers: Many volunteer fire departments including ours host fundraisers throughout the year to raise money. Attending these events not only supports the department financially but also helps to build community spirit. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for events and updates.


Spread awareness: The communities we live in are growing quickly and your local department may not be growing fast enough to keep up. Help spread the word about the importance of volunteer fire departments and the work they do. Encourage others to get involved and support their local department and help them grow as well.


Provide resources: In some cases, community members may have resources that can be used by the fire department. This could include providing space for training, equipment donations, or other types of support.


Be prepared: Take steps to reduce the risk of emergencies in your community by following fire safety guidelines and having a plan in place in case of an emergency. This can help reduce the workload and strain on the fire department.